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You are on vacation, so why would you want to carry a heavy beach canopy each day to the beach, set it up and take it down each day? Let us do the heavy work, and you can enjoy your time in the sun and sand. This year all cabanas are first come , first serve due to new Sunset Beach Rules and Regulations. Only 1 line of cabanas will be allowed between any given beach access, and no cabanas, tents, or canopies will be allowed in front or behind, so call us today, so you aren’t left out.
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Milton and Denise Burns are not only locals in this coastal area, but are also no strangers to hard work. If you are looking for the best in customer service and quality beach canopies, In The Shade Beach Canopies is your #1 service for all of your Beach Canopy needs in Sunset Beach, NC! In The Shade has been owned and operated longer than anyone cabana service at Sunset Beach. That means we have customer loyalty. We follow all Sunset Beach Rules and regulations that are enforced by the town, fire, and police departments of Sunset Beach. We are licensed in the state of North Carolina to conduct business.

***We reserve the right to put up and take down daily according to our discretion. We begin at 7 a.m. and take begins at 4:45. All canopies will be up by 9 a.m. Saturdays are extra. Canopies don’t up up to strong rain or wind.  A canopy service means we take into consideration all factors on a daily basis. We take down when storms are impending. If we are experiencing over heated dates with rip currents, canopies usually are subjected to afternoon winds and come down on those. If you  don’t reach your canopy until late in the afternoons, we advise you to go out early in the morning by getting the most out of your canopy service. Please feel free to ask us about this policy so you can understand our service before renting.

Check out the most recent Beach Rules and Regulations of the Town of Sunset Beach, North Carolina. This is our 8th year with In The Shade at sunset beach and I have to say it’s been our best so far. Wonderful customer service and excellent tent placement. See you guys next year!
Jim Parker ~ York, SC
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1 Umbrella / 2 Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs

Click here for 1 umbrella and 2 Tommy Bahama Beach chairs, only $35 a day at Sunset Beach only!

1 cabana/2 Tommy Beach chairs

Click here for 1 cabana and 2 Tommy Bahama Beach chairs, only $265.00 for the week!

1 cabana/2 weeks, includes a Saturday

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