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Our Canopies

You are on vacation, so why would you want to carry a heavy beach canopy each day to the beach, set it up and take it down each day? Let us do the heavy work, and you can enjoy your time in the sun and sand.

1) Our beach canopies are standard size 10×10.

2) Canopies have tarp/tent like covers that are heavy duty and sun resistant. Limit your sun exposure, so you can enjoy longer days on the beach.In the Shade Beach Canopies replaces their canopies often so you always have the greatest protection possible

3) Galvanized aluminum set by industry standardsAutomatic lock buttons so your canopy stays up, and does not collapse under normal conditions.

4) All tents are checked each day for rust, erosion, any defects that could be a safety hazard.

5) Each In the Shade Beach Canopy worker is trained by company standards to ensure operational procedures ahear to proper set up and break down.

6) How to use our wind forecast and how In The Shade Canopies base their assessments for canopy service:

7) We give two wind speeds, the first is the steady speed and the second the gust speed. Our experience in the water tells us that this gust speed is really the one to pay most attention to. The arrow shows the direction the wind is blowing towards. Hovering your mouse over the arrow also shows the exact direction and whether the wind is onshore or offshore.” See “” for today’s on the hour measurements.

8) In The Shade Beach Canopies stays connected to all National Weather forecast. We as a trusted source for wind velocities and true calibrated wind speed measurements. We do use handheld wind meters as a gauge, however we determine strictly by by Oak Island, Brunswick County Airport Station for recording and verification. We also use the next closest wind/gust measure posted by for Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina.

9) In the shade Beach Canopies reserves the right to lower, dismantle, not erect, or take down early according to our experienced assessment. We do not refund due to any of these reasons above.

10) Remember that you shouldn’t stress your canopy by leaving wet towels or clothes on the frame. This puts your canopy off balance, and your canopy can collapse due to uneven weight distribution.

11) Do not try to lower or take down the tent yourself. Leave this to the expert In the Shade Beach Canopy Crew! Your safety is first.

12) Do not move your canopy, even a few inches! Your canopy has been put up to safety standards. If your tent must be moved due to something unforeseen, then please call us. We answer all phone calls immediately or with a immediate return phone call.

13) In the Shade Beach Canopy is a family owned and operated business. We understand that your vacation is important, and want you to make Sunset Beach your #1 family beach destination each year. We have come to know many of you over the years, and we look forward to catching up with you as you return year after year.

Please e-mail us and let us know what we can do better or what new services you would like to see as our In the Shade Beach Canopy service grows.

We would love to hear your comments or vacation stories too! We are building our web site and hope that we can develop our site to direct you through a portal of navigational information for restaurants, hotel/motel specials, packages, attractions, shows, discounts and shopping. For now, we hope that our new site helps serves you better, and In the Shade Beach will be a familiar site, and a fun place to log onto as we build and grow through the years to come. We are family business that has grown in a economy because or our attention to detail and the love we have for our friends who trust us to help make their vacation the best it can possibly be.

Check out the most recent Beach Rules and Regulations of the Town of Sunset Beach, North Carolina.